L'information est disponible depuis les années 80, mais qui le sait ?


    le docteur Sigmund Freud était un tueur en série, un vrai tueur en série qui tuait de vrais gens.



    C'était aussi un violeur, un nécrophile, un coprophile, etc.!

    Il a tué son demi-frère qui vivait en Angleterre, et bien d'autres personnes. 

    Ses écrits regorgent d'allusion à ses différents meurtres et à ses perversions.

    Freud voulait que tout le monde soit aussi psychopathe que lui, et avec son "complexe d'Oedipe", on peut dire qu'il a réussi son coup.


    Les victimes de Freud (liste non-exhaustive)



    Qui a dit que Freud était sexiste ?!
    Il ne faisait aucune discrimination, et tuait tout aussi volontiers les hommes que les femmes...
    Voici une liste incomplète de ses victimes :

    - John Freud (tué en 1875, en été, probablement peu après l'anniversaire des 20 ans de John, le 13 août 1875 - probablement avec un couteau, probablement
    castré et violé aussi...)

    - Mathilde S. (tuée le 24 septembre 1890 par une injection de drogue - Freud a beaucoup expérimenté sur elle avant d'en arriver là)

    - Le Docteur Joseph Paneth (tué en 1890 - circonstances inconnues)

    - Pauline Silberstein (tuée le 14 mai 1891 - poussée du 4ème étage de l'immeuble du cabinet médical du docteur Freud.)

    - Le docteur Ernst Von Flieschl (tué le 22 octobre 1891 - d'abord rendu dépendant à la cocaïne puis tué par des injections massives de cocaïne et de morphine)

    - Nathan Wise (tué 1883 - par strangulation probablement : le corps a été retrouvé pendu dans des toilettes publiques)

    Tous les détails et les motifs de ces différents meurtres 
    ici - en anglais.



    A tous ceux qui croient que Freud ne parle que de fantasmes...

    Voici deux citations qui permettent de saisir son point de vue réel sur la question :

    "L'homme était un pervers et par conséquent, en bonne santé."

    "S'il pouvait être pervers, il serait en bonne santé"

    Par "être pervers", il faut comprendre : passer à la pratique.

    Les détails ici.
    The caption to this photo states: “The Freud Family in 1876, with the 20-year-old Freud standing in the center, facing the camera, and his half-brother, Emanuel, turning his back on him.” (Peter Gay’s Freud, 1988). 
    Complexe de CAIN - http://www.freudprofiled.com/cain_complex.html

    It is a remarkable family photo where the “eldest brother” turns his back on his youngest brother. But, actually, as our research demonstrates, Emanuel Freud wasnot Freud’s half-brother, he was his father.This fact was made clear by Freud himself when he stated that he first visited England in 1875, when he was 19. Freud tried to disguise this fact by claiming in the first edition of The Interpretation of Dreams that he was 17 when he first went to England. The true record of when Freud went to England for the first was purposely misreported —because it was at 19 that Freud killed Emanuel’s other, eldest son, John, who was also 19 or just turned 20 (b. Aug. 13, 1855). The above photo then would have been only a few months after John’s murder.

     Freud himself gives four versions of when he first went to England, i.e., 17, 18, 19, and 20—a matter we shall deal with in great detail later. Nonetheless, it is a fact that the Freud family genealogical records indicate that John (b. “Johann”) Freud “mysteriously disappeared at the age of 18”. This is not possible because Freud wrote a letter, mentioning John, at the time when he was in England. Again, this was when Freud was 19 and John was either 19 or 20. My work in Passion for Murder made public the fact that Freud family records wrongly show John mysteriously disappeared “at the age of 18” –a year too early! The details of these documents will be later explored.
    As to the Freud family photo above, it is also noteworthy that Freud is wearing a beard, apparently for the first time. There is a reason for this which involved a wound Freud received in his death struggle with John. Freud also, at this time (i.e., 1875-76), changed his name from his birth name, Sigismund, to Sigmund.

    The evidence which proves my claim of John’s disappearance was disclosed to me by Dr. Helen Schur, wife of Dr. Max Schur who found the critical information in her husband’s boxes left on his death (wherein he kept the records for his own highly researched book on Freud, Freud Living and Dying, 1970). The truth of John’s disappearance had been a carefully guarded secret in the “inner circle” of Freud disciples and only became known through the research that produced my book,Passion for Murder: The Homicidal Deeds of Dr. Sigmund Freud, 1984).  

    Freud’s confession of his real paternity is contained in his statement about what Emanuel told him on his first fateful visit to England:

    “One thing you must not forget is that as far as the conduct of your life is concerned you really belong not to the second but to the third generation in relation to your father.”

     New details will be made available on this matter].  

    The fact is, Dr. Schur and family had immigrated to England with Freud when he fled from Nazi Germany. Dr. Max Schur was, in fact, Freud’s personal physician and lived with the Freud family in London tending to Freud in his last days of dying from cancer of the jaw. Schur claims that he was, in fact, the one who killed Freud by an act of euthanasia in Freud’s final days—actually a criminal act under English law then, as now. New facts prove that Schur lied about Freud’s last days; he was nowhere near Freud when he died. Why would Schur lie about such a thing?

    Though Schur highlighted the fact that Freud was suffering from a “brother-murder” complex (i.e., a “Cain-Complex) as well as a “father-murder-mother sex complex”—the Oedipal Complex, he could not bring himself, in his insightful discussions of Freud’s murder mania, to tell the truth that John Freud—the very one whom Freud said he most wanted to murder—mysteriously disappeared—even though Schur knew it to be the recorded fact in family genealogy data of the Freud family which he had in his possession—and which his wife produced for me. 

    Indeed, Schur even mentioned the fact of John’s disappearance in an obscure scholarly journal, years before his acclaimed biography of Freud, a fact which went virtually unnoticed prior to my discovery. Freud family genealogy records, clearly assert that John mysteriously disappeared “at 18” years of age. Moreover, there is no evidence in the historical records of the continued existence of John Freud, after Freud’s visit to England in 1875. Freud repeatedly lied about the continued existence of John in England even over 30 years after John “mysteriously disappeared”—whether at 17, 18, 19, or 20 years of age. 

    Given the fact that Freud habitually claimed he had a passion for murder, stemming from his early relations with his elder brother, John, we see, and can prove, that Freud loved to toy with confessing the fact of his murders (of John and others). Freud was convinced, as he stated, “I am fifteen to twenty years ahead of everyone and nobody can catch me up.” 

    Freud also wrote:

    ". . . my enmities with contemporaries went back to my relations in childhood with a nephew [John] who was a year my senior; he was my superior. . .


    My emotional life has always insisted that I should have an intimate friend and hated enemy. . .since that time my nephew John has had many re-incarnations which revived now one side and now another of his personality unalterably fixed as it was in my unconscious memory . . .”

    As it is with many a Serial Killer, each new victim is a “new edition” of a hated enemy whom they love, with a passion, to kill over and over and over again.

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